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Jacketing fabrics are primarily used in the manufacturing of Power Transmission Belts. The fabric is calendared with a suitable Rubber and then applied to the surface of the belt, they improve the belt’s wear resistance and enhance its friction characteristics. The fabrics are plain woven in square construction, and are made from high tenacity poly-cotton yarns of counts between 6’s and 20’s.

To promote the flexion of belts over the pulleys the fabric must be applied to the belt in a biased manner, at an angle of 45 degrees.

We can produce 150 – 470 GSM fabrics in widths between 27 inches to 135 inches.

Our fabrics are ‘selvedge-less’, which reduces additional processing costs for our customers.

We can also manufacture semi-dyed mélange (grey) or fully black fabrics which reduce/ eliminate the dyeing operation of the belts at the customer’s factory.


Starch free sizing of our fabrics ensures that they have an excellent bonding to rubber.

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