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Prior to engaging in the manufacturing of technical textiles, the group began its activities in1987 by setting up looms to manufacture fabrics for the domestic apparel market. In 1991 we diversified into the manufacturing of jacketing fabrics for the reinforcement of rubber products under the name GD textiles Pvt. Ltd. This was later supported by a backward integration involving the addition of a spinning unit in 1997 in order to produce yarns of a high tenacity.

In 2003, the group set up Shakti Cords Pvt. Ltd. by taking over the business of single end dipped cords for V Belts and Hose yarns from Madura Industrial Textiles. GD Textiles presently holds the largest share of the Indian market for jacketing fabrics for power transmission belts. It has established itself as a reliable source for multinationals and continues to expand its portfolio of international customers since early 2013.

In addition to manufacturing jacketing fabrics for power transmission belts, GD textiles Pvt. Ltd. continues to grow in the domain of manufacturing processed fabrics which include dyed fabrics, Meta Aramid Fabrics, angular fabrics, heat-resistant fabrics, impression fabrics, chafer fabrics etc.

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