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Test Tubes


As a dynamic organization, we continuously strive to develop new products for our customers, while streamlining our existing internal processes. We understand that innovation and development are cornerstones of long-term growth and progress. Highlighted below are some of our latest developments.

Introduced selvage free jacketing fabrics that eliminate the complete process of cutting selvedges at the customer's end, saving time, cost and manpower.

Developed semi-black and fully black dyed jacketing fabrics enhancing the visual appeal of the V-belt. The fully dyed fabric eliminates the process of dying the Vbelt at the customer’s factory.

Developed proprietary anti-stick coatings for impression fabrics and curing tapes that enhance their peel-ability and re-usability

Introduced tubular fabrics for V-belts that eliminate the wastage associated with the cutting and joining process for standard plain-woven jacketing fabrics.

Formulated solutions that promote superior adhesion between meta-aramid fabrics and silicone rubber, used in the manufacturing of radiator hoses.

Developed coated angular fabrics with warp and weft angles at 110° to 120°. These fabrics eliminate the bias cutting process at the customer’s factory.

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